How long does a house last? Renovations to increase your home's lifespan

by Dreamscape Realty LLC 06/16/2024

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While every project is different, here are some basic timeframes you can expect for a home renovation project:

Cosmetic renovations – a weekend to three months

Typically, short restorations which require minor repairs or cosmetic tune-ups could take from just one weekend up to three months. 

This includes tasks including exterior painting, new counters, new appliances or simple floor replacement. It could also be a simple addition to a landscape or replacing the kitchen sink for a more modern house design.

Medium renovations – Several weeks to six months

The next timeline approach to home renovation is medium renovation, taking between two and three months to complete. This usually includes situations where a room needs to be completely gutted and major systems accessed. For example, a complete bathroom or kitchen remodel would count as a medium renovation.

Major overhaul – 6 months to 1 year

If the whole house must be gutted, the process can be complicated and time-consuming. This type of construction project often takes 6 to 12 months to complete, sometimes longer. 

Homes that are old or in poor condition often require a major overhaul to replace and repair significant elements such as the roof and foundation.

The answer

All these projects can extend the useful life of your home. Historic houses and buildings can last up to 200 years if they receive special maintenance and preventative services to keep them in top condition. 

The bare minimum lifespan you can expect from a residential home is 25 years, but regular maintenance and care will boost that number considerably.

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If you're interested in extending your home's lifespan, consult a contractor for guidance on the best remodeling projects to start with.