How to stay productive while working from home

by Dreamscape Realty LLC 12/11/2022

When you work from home, productive streaks can be interrupted by a slew of distractions. Remote workers have been facing the conundrum of permanently diminishing those distractions while staying on top of their workload.

Don’t fret. There are efficient and productive ways to stay on top of your remote work while putting those distractions to good use or away for good.

Here are a few simple and productive ways to keep your remote work distractions to a minimum:

Create your office space

Remote working relies heavily on time management and an office space to get your work done, whether it’s at a designated spot in your kitchen or a desk neatly tucked away in a corner. One of the best ways to keep your workspace separate from the rest of your home is to keep it organized and clean, especially if it’s a shared room.

You don’t have to have a full room for your office space, either. In fact, completing a few household chores can create a sense of a professional workspace with minimal effort. A quick tidy session can even eliminate many of your distractions by keeping them out of sight and neatly tucked away in the appropriate place.

Help your pets stay productive

Pets are another key distraction when working from home. Our furry friends love to be involved in just about anything we’re doing, which includes video meetings and hitting project deadlines. However, there are ways to keep them distracted and relaxed throughout your workday.

For particularly active pets, try taking breaks during your day and either take your furry pal for a bit of exercise outside or play a few indoor games. You can also use this time as a little impromptu and passive training by teaching them when it’s appropriate to play when you’re in your space and when it’s time for them to rest.

Try keeping a pet bed close to you with their favorite toys and a few of their favorite treats within reaching distance of your work area to reward them for staying calm until it’s time for their play break.

Set your working hours

Setting a schedule is one of the major keys to successfully working from home. Try setting an alarm for your working hours, letting you know when to start, take breaks and quit for the day. Some alarms can be set on laptops and have a feature that allows you to drown out digital distractions that could impact your productivity.

Likewise, if you live with others, make your working hours known. Try placing a schedule of your hours and breaks in a clear location that everyone can observe. You can also help keep your day distraction free by anticipating common questions or asks from your household and placing the items or processes in an open and in-the-way spot in your home.

Work-life balance is incredibly important, but distractions have a way of tipping those scales. Try using these tips to help get you started in creating a comfortable and mostly distraction-free work space, and tip the work-life scales back in your favor.